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How to build your own home with JBMs building materials

A new book, Building the Home You Built, provides the DIY method for building a modern, affordable home.The author, J.D. Watson, who previously worked at JBM, says the company is working with architects and builders to help them make their own designs.JBMs has sold over 5.4 million units in the

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Fire destroys historic Capitol building in Washington

The historic Capitol Building in Washington has been engulfed in flames, prompting officials to shut down the building for several hours to restore power to buildings and staff, US Capitol Police said on Monday.“There is a substantial fire at the Capitol building, and as of right now, no one is

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Why you should buy a new house, says architect – and why it could be a big mistake

Building materials, construction, and fencing can all be very expensive, but if you want to save money you should consider building in a safe way, says architecture and planning expert and urban designer Dr. Daniel Breslau.Bresleau, who is the author of The Architect’s Guide to Homebuilding, talks to Quartz about

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How to build a building material you can use for your home

You’ve built a beautiful, high-tech home for yourself and loved living there, but you’ve wanted to build something for your kids or grandkids.You could make them into a building.Then you could sell it.Now that you’ve got that idea going, it’s time to get serious.Here are all the building materials you

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How to buy materials for your beacon building

Price per square foot: $1,854 per square meter in Georgia, $1.35 in Kentucky, $2,845 in Missouri and $3,721 in North Carolina article Beacons are the centerpiece of the new $10.4 billion Westgate Mall.It opened May 1 and is set to close June 30.The mall is expected to be the largest

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‘Jabberwocky’: A miniature house in a tiny town

A tiny town in India has become a miniature house with its own version of a miniature railway line. The town, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is the largest community of Jibberwocks in the world and it has become known for its unique miniature houses. This community of about 100 people

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Archaeology’s hidden treasures are waiting for you

The discovery of ancient gold in the desert of Western Australia has archaeologists hoping to turn the past into a new frontier in the search for buried treasure.The discovery of the gold in May has the Queensland Government investing $500,000 to locate it and archaeologists are still trying to track

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Why MTV’s ‘Risky Business’ is the best business show in the world

This week, the world is going to get a new show called MTV’s “Risky Biz,” which will be based in Las Vegas.It’s called “Risking Business,” and it’s an hour-long show about the risks and rewards of building a business.The concept of the show is that the business isn’t just about

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How to build your own value building materials from waste

Value building materials are the building materials that are best at the job of building a new life for a neighbourhood. A few examples of what you can make out of this waste include:*Wood (from an old shed, wood stove or a fireplace)*Wooden planks*Paper*Scissors*Plastic (useable plastic bags)*Bags of paint and paper

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