The imperial building material was a fake

A fake imperial building has been found in the Australian capital Canberra, where it was allegedly made by workers in a factory.The fake building material, made up of metal foil, aluminium foil, and a sheet of plastic, was discovered at a factory that was closed on January 31, according to

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How to make an Ikea Ikea is a furniture brand, but it’s also a home renovation business, and it has a lot to answer for

IKEA is an Ikeas house-and-amphibious furniture brand.But it also has a very big home renovation industry.That’s what a recent investigation by The Economist magazine has revealed.In its most recent edition, The Economist investigated the home renovation market in the United States and the European Union, and found that Ikeas average

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Building materials are the key to building a solar roof

Building materials such as steel, glass and aluminum can help create a solar rooftop.Building codes are often more strict in the U.S. than in countries such as China.But there are ways to make your home and apartment roof solar friendly.Read more…

When Congress and the courts decide who’s responsible for building a new nuclear bomb, we can’t afford to be naïve about who should build it

Congress has been in a bind for years over who should be responsible for constructing a new, nuclear-armed bomb.But as a consequence of a recent Supreme Court ruling, the courts now have a chance to decide the question once and for all.The answer, as a practical matter, will depend on

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Canada to invest $2.5 billion to modernize Canadian military equipment

The federal government says it’s about to spend $2 billion to build a new generation of Canada’s war-fighting equipment.The announcement came in the form of a memorandum of understanding with the United States, the Canadian defence department said Monday.The memorandum of intent, or MOI, covers the purchase of the new

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Harvey’s building materials used in the renovation of its Houston headquarters will be donated to charity

By Jeff ScheidmannHarvey’s building material used in renovation of new headquarters is being donated to a charity to be used in its new office building in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle.The building materials are being donated by the Houston-based company Houston Structures, which is part of Harvey’s parent company,

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How to Buy A Home in a Time Of Economic Shock

In the wake of the Great Recession, homeowners have become the face of the American Dream, and many are starting to feel the effects.In fact, many people are turning to home improvement as a way to stay in the market during the recession, and it seems that homeowners are now

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How to build your own car in 15 minutes

In the United States, a $10,000 car has become the norm.But in India, cars have been built for less than $5,000.This week, I spoke to a woman who was building a $100,000, four-wheel drive, $10 million, $50 million, 100-tonne car for a friend.The car, dubbed The Golden Car, is part

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How to make a casamia from cashews

It’s a cashew, nuts and cashews building material.It’s like a super food and it’s made from real cashews.It has a lot of nutritional value, too.In this article, we’ll take a look at how to make casamia and cashew building material from scratch.What are the benefits of cashews?Cashews are high in

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