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How to build your own car in 15 minutes

In the United States, a $10,000 car has become the norm.But in India, cars have been built for less than $5,000.This week, I spoke to a woman who was building a $100,000, four-wheel drive, $10 million, $50 million, 100-tonne car for a friend.The car, dubbed The Golden Car, is part

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AZESK Building Materials is selling its Arizona building materials business to a new buyer, bringing the Arizona company’s total assets to $8.6 million

By the end of 2018, AZESk, one of the nation’s leading building materials suppliers, will sell its Arizona business to the Chinese company China Materials Technology (CMTS), the company announced Wednesday.The deal is valued at $8 million and includes $1.8 million in cash.The company will continue to operate as a

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When a Strongest Building Material Becomes the Best Building Material in the World

The most powerful building material of the 21st century is a lightweight, highly flammable and highly recyclable carbon fiber.A lightweight carbon fiber made of carbon nanotubes, the material is known as lightweight carbon fibers.This is because carbon nanos are very light and have excellent electrical conductivity.They also have an incredibly

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How many low-income housing units can a developer build in the US?

The median price of a single-family home in the United States is now more than $2 million, according to a report released Monday by the Urban Institute.For those who don’t live in a low-cost city, a single home with a kitchenette, bathroom and living room is now $1.6 million, or

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Cherokee Building Materials Could Be Used for a Solar Powered Home

A building materials company has developed a solar powered home, with the goal of using the building material to build a solar-powered home.Key points:The company says it has developed solar-power systems that can produce enough energy to power the homeThe materials could be used to build solar-based homesA company called

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How to build a sustainable house

In 2017, I spent three months designing and building a house on a vacant lot.I had the ambition to use recycled materials, make it more sustainable and, eventually, sell it for a profit.But it was an ambitious project, one that required my hand in designing and constructing.The main thing I

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Inside the Capitol Building Materials recycling,Capitol building,capitals recycling,recycling materials

The Capitol building is getting a $4 million refurbishment and is getting new floors and walls.That’s the first step toward the building’s goal of recycling materials for the local economy.The Washington state legislature passed a bill to re-use some of the building materials for reuse and reuse of the recycled

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How to build a fireproof apartment in the age of fireproofing

As a fire grows in a room or office, fireproof equipment is essential.If you’re a building contractor, you need to have fireproof furniture in your office.Fireproofing isn’t just for windows, but for doors, floors and ceilings, too.Here are some of the basics that you need in your home.1.How much fireproof

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How to make a house with graber building material

A graber-style house has been in the works for decades, but it’s never quite made it into the real world.That’s about to change.The Ohio-based builder of the project, John Graber, has just started shipping out graber bricks, or brick bricks, to construction sites around the country, and they are selling

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