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When the Federal Government Seizes Property for $5 Billion in Bitcoin, the Government Sees No Legal Duty to Protect Consumers

When the federal government seized the assets of Bitcoin exchange BitInstant for $2.2 billion in January, it was seen as a major milestone in the evolution of Bitcoin’s mainstream usage.But as the price of Bitcoin soared, the government was forced to make a decision about what to do with the

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Building materials for a roof are in short supply

More than a decade ago, when the World Trade Center towers were being built, building materials were scarce and the U.S. government put a lot of focus on getting the building materials that could be used.Today, building construction materials are in limited supply and building projects have to be funded

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Which movies would you like to see as the next Avatar?

If you were a kid back in the day, you probably remember the original Avatar.The original Avatar was a blockbuster blockbuster that sold more than a billion dollars worldwide.It is a movie that had a great cast and many of its scenes were so special that they’ve been adapted for

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