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When is a fireproof building material going to go up?

Building materials companies are already investing heavily in fireproofing to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the pace of climate change and fire prevention.But that won’t stop companies from pursuing other materials.For example, some have built fireproofed cars in the past few years, as well as insulated roofs

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How to make a koser with koser blocks

The Koser Block is an excellent example of a modular design.It is modular, and it can be made with any kind of material, but it is best with wood.Wood has a higher surface area than most other materials, and is also easier to handle, so it is ideal for a

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What the data says about the construction of Trump Tower

The new data has been the subject of intense scrutiny because it comes from construction logs obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration, which are public records.Trump’s lawyers have argued that they were obtained lawfully.But the data shows a massive amount of material moved to and from Trump Tower

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What is building material?

A new technology that makes it possible to quickly and easily recycle building materials could transform the way buildings are constructed, and could lead to a new generation of skyscrapers.In a study presented last week at the International Conference on Building Materials, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the University

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