Building materials in Florence, Ohio are ‘just garbage’

A lot of building materials used in Florence have come from other places.

One of those is the building materials warehouse at the Florence General Store.

This warehouse is filled with old building materials and other building materials.

The Florence General Stores warehouse has been used as a dump for recycling for years.

The waste is usually sent to the United States.

In Florence, it’s usually sent back to Italy where it’s then recycled.

And, the waste is often sent to a landfill, where it gets sent to other countries.

In fact, Florence’s landfill was built for waste from Florence’s factories.

And the waste gets dumped into the sea, where the waste has the potential to be released into the ocean.

The waste goes into the Great Lakes.

The water that goes into this garbage is a very, very, extremely toxic substance.

And that is a concern for people in Florence.

So, what we do is we recycle that garbage.

The garbage that we recycle is not treated like anything else in the landfill.

So that means that, instead of going to landfills, it goes to landfill facilities, where, we recycle it.

So we don’t put it in a landfill.

We just dump it.

And it goes into a landfill where it has to be disposed of in a very efficient way.

We also recycle other types of materials that go into building materials for buildings, for example, we don.t have to put materials into a hazardous waste.

But we do recycle other materials that have the potential for disposal, like the old building and structural steel, which is why we are very proud of that.

And we recycle some of those materials that we donít want to recycle.

And in Florence there are some of the most toxic materials in the world.

And we are proud of it.

And you know, I think that’s an example of a company that actually has made a significant difference to the environment, and the environment is one of the greatest contributors to its economy.

And I think itís something that we really should keep a look out for.

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