How to build a ‘green house’ to make energy from the sun

Building a greenhouse that uses sunlight to generate electricity is a long-term goal, but it is not yet a reality.

That is why researchers at the University of Minnesota are offering a “greenhouse solar” system that will generate electricity when sunlight hits the roof of a greenhouse.

The greenhouse system will provide a greenhouse with electricity, which can then be used to heat water and power the system.

The idea is to create a greenhouse where the sun shines directly on the greenhouse roof, rather than directly on top of it, according to a report published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Scientists have used solar heating and cooling to generate energy for years, but the concept is new.

This is the first time researchers have tried to build an electric greenhouse using a solar-generated solar-heat-cooled system.

In this new solar-produced system, the sun is directly reflected off the roof and generated electricity through the use of a small heat exchanger, a source of heat and water.

The greenhouse is built with materials that are heat-absorbing and water-repellent, the report states.

The idea is not only to generate more power, but also to make the solar-powered system more energy efficient.

It is a renewable energy system that uses solar energy to heat the water, but then the solar energy is used to convert that heat to electricity.

This method, called solar thermal heating, has been proposed for many years, according the study.

The team has been able to make a greenhouse using solar thermal heat and cooling, a process known as solar-thermal hybrid cooling.

This process uses two solar-generating plants, one with a direct-current generator, and one with an inverter that converts the direct current to an alternating current.

This combination provides the highest efficiency of the two systems.

Researchers said the system will require less materials and equipment than a typical greenhouse.

It will also be much smaller, about 10 by 10 feet.

This will make it easier for people to install, researchers said.

The report notes that this type of solar-based system is “highly attractive to companies interested in building a solar energy storage solution.”

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