How the Imperial Bank of China built the Kenshi building in Beijing

By John WitherspoonThe Imperial Bank has long been one of the world’s leading banks for financing projects, and one of its largest, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, has been known for building massive, multi-million dollar buildings in places like Hong Kong and Shanghai.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Kenshi, the world-famous building on the ground floor of Beijing’s central financial district, would have been a top priority for Beijing when it was built.

“It was a major project,” said Daniel Leopold, a Beijing-based analyst at Berenberg.

“The Bank of Japan was very keen to do it, and the Bank is a big financial player.

They were interested in building a world-class building.

It was one of their priorities.”

For some reason, Kenshi’s history is not as well known as the Bank’s own buildings.

The building was built in a period of rapid development, a time when the nation’s wealth and power were on the rise.

It’s where the government first set up the Bank to take on new challenges, and when the country’s leaders decided to rebrand themselves as a modern nation.

The building, which is on the second floor of the Bank building, was a symbol of China’s rising economic power.

It is also a story of how its builders failed to take the lessons of history and improve upon it.

It took more than 100 years to complete, and in the process, the bank’s design was altered.

The Bank was founded in 1879 as the first private banking institution in China.

Its main offices were located in Beijing and Shanghai, and its financial services and financial products were handled by local banks.

But in the late 1880s, as the economy was booming, the government decided to open up its own financial system, and as more and more money poured in from overseas, the state wanted to be more involved.

The government needed to take over more and bigger responsibilities from the banks.

And so, in 1902, the new Bank set up a subsidiary, the National Bank of Commerce, which it renamed the Imperial Chinese Bank.

The new institution was also tasked with overseeing the banks of the newly independent country, and with helping the state build its economy.

The new state-run institution would oversee all financial transactions.

And it would be the first one to oversee the construction of the Imperial Building, the building at the center of the capital’s financial district that the Bank had built as a symbol.

As part of its first building project, the Imperial Builders Association (IBA) designed the Imperial building.

A group of architects, including one of China to the Stars, designed the building, and they brought in the architects and construction companies that would be building it.

The design was designed by a group of international architects, with a design that was both contemporary and original.

It had a glass roof, steel supports, glass panels, and a glass-filled roof.

The Imperial building’s design also had the kind of features that many architects wanted in their buildings: balconies and terraces, glass windows, a roof, a courtyard, and even a fountain.

In addition to the building’s overall design, the architects were also given a mandate to do more than just look like a building, though.

They had to come up with a story for the building.

The story was set to be the story of the modern world.

They would be designing a building that would showcase modern design and technology, a story that would bring the world into the future.

But the story was not to be simple.

In order to get a better sense of what it would look like when it’s complete, the architect team was asked to come back to China to look at a building of its own that had been built in its place.

The team was tasked with looking at other buildings in the capital, and what it might look like.

They found that the Imperial build had a very different story, with many details that were in place when it first opened, but some that were missing.

For example, there was a massive window in the main entrance of the building that was missing.

This window would have given the building a new look.

But the building wasn’t finished yet.

The architects were asked to finish the building in a few months.

So the team was also asked to do some work on the other building in the building and make sure the roof, facade, and other elements were in good condition.

But they also had to get the building ready for its grand opening.

As the Imperial bank was in the middle of its building, its engineers were also working on another major project: the Bank was to begin work on a new financial district.

And the project was a huge undertaking.

It required the building to be taller than its original dimensions, and it had to be built with a lot more steel and concrete.

To do this, the project team needed to find a building to use

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