Boston building materials may be more affordable than some of the material used in the Pentagon

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Boston building materials could be more expensive than the Pentagon, according to a study by a consulting firm that examined federal buildings around the country.

The analysis by consulting firm Cascadia Group shows that some of Boston’s materials are more expensive and that some materials are less expensive than their Pentagon counterparts.

Cascadia found that materials for the U.S. military, for instance, cost an average of $11,000 more per square foot than materials used in other federal buildings.

And, of course, some materials, like those used in U.K. military buildings, were more expensive per square inch than the same materials used at the Pentagon.

Other materials, however, were cheaper than they were in the other places where Cascadian analyzed.

The Cascadians analysis of materials at the National Archives and Records Administration and the National Museum of American History also found that there were no material costs associated with military bases and buildings in the U!s military and civilian communities.

So while there are some materials in Boston that are less costly than the materials used by the Pentagon and other U. S. government agencies, the cost per square-foot for those materials is lower, Cascadic found.

In some cases, however — like those materials used for the Pentagon — the cost could be double, and in some cases triple, the price of materials used elsewhere in the country, the consulting firm said.

There are no concrete plans for the National Security Council building in Washington, D.C. or the Pentagon in Arlington, Va.

Cascaden also found the cost of materials to be about half the cost they are elsewhere.

But while the cost difference between the materials is higher, the benefits of materials and the cost-per-square-foot ratio are similar, the report said. 

It also found similar cost-to-benefit ratios between materials used inside federal buildings and materials used outside of those buildings.

For example, in Washington and Arlington, the military has an advantage because of its proximity to the nation’s capital, Cacadades report said, but that also applies to the cost and benefits of the materials.

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