When a Pennsylvania man died, his home got $4,500 to build a new house

When a house is built, you usually end up with more money than you can afford.

This is a typical story of the construction industry, and in Pennsylvania, it’s quite a common one.

On July 1, 2018, Anthony Stover died.

His house was demolished.

The owner was charged with second-degree murder.

The $1.6 million sale of the house to an investor netted the investor a $4.5 million cash flow, according to records from the Pennsylvania State Coroner’s Office.

Stover’s family was not charged with a crime.

The couple had been in business together for 35 years, and they have been married for 30 of those years.

They bought the house in the township of Altoona in 2014.

The first step in the house’s construction was to buy the barns that would hold the roof.

The barns were built to house livestock.

The family had previously sold the barn to a farmer who raised chickens.

The barns would have housed the animals for the next 30 years.

The house was also built to be a “home” for Anthony and his wife, Karen.

The new house is an enclosed one.

The home was built with the intention of having an open frontage to let people enjoy the views from their windows.

It has a roof garden that allows people to sit, walk or take in the view from the back patio.

The property is a lot larger than a typical backyard.

It is a 6,400 square foot home that was built for the Stovers, according in the property tax records.

There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The main purpose of the new home is to have the opportunity for the family to enjoy it.

It’s also to give the Stover’s a better quality of life, said Stover, who died on July 1.

The $4 million price tag on the house comes from a single day in June.

That was when Anthony and Karen bought the property for $2.9 million.

Anthony bought the land at $2 million, according the sale paperwork.

The Stovers paid $3.5, according documents.

They did not receive the $1 million cash outlay.

The property was sold for $4 per square foot of the property, which is more than what the average house would cost in the city, said Karen Stover.

She said she was surprised to learn of the cash flow.

The Stovers were able to save $6,500 on the new house and buy a new SUV.

The house is in a “very good” condition, she said.

Anthony Stover is remembered by his wife and four sons for the way he lived his life, but he was also a devoted father who loved to take his kids to the zoo.

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