Cherokee Building Materials Could Be Used for a Solar Powered Home

A building materials company has developed a solar powered home, with the goal of using the building material to build a solar-powered home.

Key points:The company says it has developed solar-power systems that can produce enough energy to power the homeThe materials could be used to build solar-based homesA company called Cheroke is hoping to use these solar powered homes for people looking for a low-carbon alternative to building their own houses.

The company, Cherokees Building Materials, has developed Solar-powered Home Solar Power systems that could be deployed to power homes or other buildings.

Cherokees, based in Canberra, has been working on its solar-systems for more than a year, and has produced a prototype for commercial sale.

The prototype uses solar panels that produce enough electricity to power a home for an hour.

“We have actually tested it for six hours, and it’s working very well,” said Cherokes managing director Paul Loeffler.

“There’s a solar panel on the roof that’s a little bit over 12,000 watts of output.

That’s what you need to power your home.”

The company also said it has already received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Federal Government for the development of the system.

“This is just the beginning, this is the beginning of our solar-energy vision,” Mr Loeffer said.

“It’s really about making solar power a mainstream energy source.”

Solar-powered homes would use energy from the sun to charge solar panels, which then use the energy to create electricity.

Cheros solar-panels would charge the batteries that powered the solar panels.

“The batteries can provide up to 10 kilowatts of energy, which is enough to power around 20 homes,” Mr Hoeffer told AM.

“In other words, you could make a whole home of solar panels and batteries.”

Mr Hoeffers research showed the cost of solar-panel batteries was $US4.80 per kilowatt hour, which was cheaper than traditional batteries, he said.

In the future, Cheros hope to be able to build other solar-battery systems that will generate electricity from sunlight.

The solar-technology company has been looking for alternatives to building houses and is currently in discussions with the Federal government.

“I think the Federal Energy Commission has already taken a keen interest in our technology,” Mr Smeeth said.

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