Inside the Capitol Building Materials recycling,Capitol building,capitals recycling,recycling materials

The Capitol building is getting a $4 million refurbishment and is getting new floors and walls.

That’s the first step toward the building’s goal of recycling materials for the local economy.

The Washington state legislature passed a bill to re-use some of the building materials for reuse and reuse of the recycled building material.

The project was funded by the Department of Environmental Quality.

The first phase of the re-using of materials will start with replacing the ceiling tiles, ceiling fans, and a portion of the ceiling.

That process could take about two months.

The flooring is getting the biggest overhaul.

A new roof will be used for the Capitol’s second floor and the roof will have more ventilation, so there will be less heat coming from the building.

That will take about five months.

A portion of a wall will get a new floor and wall.

It will also have a new roof.

The first step is replacing the roofing with recycled materials.

The Capitol’s current building materials will also be recycled for the new building.

The new building materials were built by the state’s construction industry and are made from recycled materials from a variety of sources.

A $6 million fund to build materials for recycling has been set up by the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The bill has also been sponsored by state Sen. Greg Walden, R-Powell.

“These materials are used in the building industry and I think it’s important that they’re being reused,” Walden said.

The Department of Building and Infrastructure said they expect the entire building to be reused in a few years.

The re-usability process is expected to cost about $15 million.

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