Which buildings are the most fireproof?

The question has been asked before, but in the latest installment of the question and answer series, we’re asking the same question again.

We asked readers of the Axios podcast, “Which buildings are most fire-resistant?”

And the answers came in handy.

The question:Which buildings make the most sense as fireproof, and which ones are the least?

We’ve pulled together a list of the most popular answers and ranked them according to which buildings make sense, which are the worst, and how fireproof they are.

The answer: The top 10 most fire proof buildings are:The building with the most building code violations per 100,000 residents.

(The other two spots are for non-residential buildings and apartment complexes.)1.

The Arcata Commons , California, CaliforniaA lot of people have asked us about this one, and we had to admit it:It’s the best choice for fire protection, especially in a small building.

The building has more than 3,000 units and has a total of about 4,000 people.2.

The Shingle River Crossing, Colorado, ColoradoThe Shingles River Crossing is the biggest single building on the list, with more than 10,000 square feet of space.

Its a 1,200-square-foot building with a fire rating of 3.3.

The Pueblo Community Center, ColoradoA very unique building in Denver, this is one of the first buildings in the city to have a code violation rating of 4.3, according to the Denver Fire Department.3/4.

The New York City Building , New York, New YorkThis is the most recent building to come on the short list.

It is one block away from the World Trade Center, and it is one story building, making it the most vulnerable building.

It’s also the most expensive, with a value of $4.8 million, and the most costly building in the list at $1.3 million.4.

Lake View Tower , Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe tallest building in Los Angeles is the Lake View Towers, with 3,400 square feet.

Its one story, and there are more than 8,000 parking spaces nearby.

The only building in LA that is rated a fire risk is the Westfield Los Angeles Mall, with an arson rating of 1.3 and more than 1,300 units.5.

The Bali Hotel, Bali, IndonesiaThis building is considered a landmark, and is a one-story building, meaning that it is the tallest building on a single block.

The first building to get a fire code rating of 2.5, and has more residents than any other building in Bali.

It has a fire rate of 1,600.

It is one building of many in Indonesia, and this building is not listed as a landmark.6.

The Great American Hotel , Las Vegas, NevadaThe hotel was built in 1875 and has seen the most construction in its history.

The building was designed by the late John Paul Jones, who designed many other hotels, including the Palazzo Rialto in Las Vegas.

The Great American has a value that would put it at number four on this list.

Its worth more than $1 million, according the Las Vegas Review-Journal.7.

The Sheraton Hotel , San Francisco, CaliforniaThere is no denying that this building has an incredible value.

The hotel was designed and built by the brothers Joseph and Albert Kahn, and its been used by presidents and politicians.

There are 7,000 apartments and suites, and one of its two floors is the headquarters for the city of San Francisco.8.

The Renaissance Center, Atlanta, GeorgiaThis is one part of a series of buildings that has seen more construction than any single other building.

The tower, at 9,000 feet, was built with an additional $20 million.

The most expensive building in Atlanta is the Renaissance Center at 7,700 feet.9.

The North Shore Tower , Vancouver, British ColumbiaThe most expensive of the three buildings on this short list, this one is considered one of Vancouver’s iconic buildings.

It sits atop the old Burrard Bridge, and houses the North Shore Museum and the Vancouver Art Gallery.10.

The Grand Hyatt, Los AngelesThe Grand Hyatti is one-of-a-kind, having been designed by architect Paul Revere, who is also the architect of the New York Central Railroad.

The $1,250 million hotel is one mile from the city’s famous Grand Park.

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