What’s next for the $7.5-billion Toronto condo building project?

It is the second project to go through a tender process for a new condo tower.

The $7,500-a-month proposal is a 50-storey building designed to provide an affordable housing option for the area.

The project was approved by the City of Toronto, with the support of the province, on Sept. 13.

In the process, the city’s housing authority approved a bid by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) to build a 45-storeys tower in Scarborough near Union Station.

CP was also given approval to build an 8-storeyr building on the site of the old CN Tower.

“I think the city has made a lot of progress and they are working on the project and are doing a lot,” said Robyn Buechler, who was elected to the city council as the candidate for Scarborough-Rouge River-Fort York in the 2015 election.

“I think we have a lot more to do.

I think we are still in the early stages.”

At a community meeting in November, city officials said the city would hold a public hearing to consider the development of the $10-billion development project that would be built on the CN Tower site.

This is not the first time the city of Toronto has faced criticism over the tower project, which has been dubbed “Project Y”.

In 2013, a group of activists, community members and civic officials called for a public meeting to address concerns raised about the project.

The group also released a petition calling on the city to suspend construction on the proposed condo tower and move it to the south end of the CN site.

The city has denied the group’s petition, but the group is still pressing for a review of the project, and a public engagement committee is to meet on June 22 to hear the public’s views.

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