How to build your own home with JBMs building materials

A new book, Building the Home You Built, provides the DIY method for building a modern, affordable home.

The author, J.D. Watson, who previously worked at JBM, says the company is working with architects and builders to help them make their own designs.JBMs has sold over 5.4 million units in the U.S. since 2009, and has raised more than $1 billion.

The company has also helped thousands of Americans build their own homes with its JB-8 Home Builder Kit.JBs product is not limited to homes.

The book also includes instructions for making an outdoor deck, or even a backyard patio.

The guide also includes ideas for a home theater.

The goal is to provide homeowners with a practical approach to building and maintaining their own home.

Jbm says it is not a home builder, but rather a developer.

JBs is the first company to sell an affordable home to an individual, a group, or a company.

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