NSW building materials to be sold in Australia after federal crackdown

Building materials will be sold by the Federal Government as part of a crackdown on counterfeiting.

Key points:The Federal Government says the sale of building materials will begin within a monthThe Government says a licensing scheme will be put in place to protect consumers and businessesThe Federal Bureau of Customs (AFP) said the sale will commence on July 31The Federal Home Affairs and Northern Territory Minister has said the Government will sell materials for the first time in Australia since the Great Depression.

“It’s been a decade since we have sold building materials in this country,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“We have been a seller of building material, it’s been one of the biggest products in Australia.”

Ms Palaschuk said the government would start a licensing process with a number of international building trade bodies.

“Building materials are very important to our economy and we are going to be selling them to other countries,” she said.

Ms Palatzeszczk said the sales would begin within the next 12 months.

“They’re not a new sale.

We’re going to start them within the week of July 31,” she told ABC News Breakfast.”

What we’re doing is we’re going through all the relevant export licensing processes, the regulations that apply, and we’ll begin to sell them in Australia within a week or so.”

The sale will be done through the Australian Building Industry Association, through the ASHOA, the building trade body that is a trade body for the building industry.

“If you buy building materials from a local builder or builder-in-training, you will be able to get them from ASHRA,” she added.

“But if you buy from a supplier that is licensed to sell building materials overseas, that’s where you will have to go through a process that involves us.”

Ms Stroud said it was “an important step forward for Australia” in dealing with counterfeit building materials.

“There’s a lot of counterfeit materials in our marketplace and I think that it is absolutely essential that we make sure that when we sell building material that we do so in a safe and secure environment,” she explained.

“And we have already started a process of introducing a code of practice to ensure that we can sell building products that meet Australian standards.”

The Government said it would establish a licensing system to protect consumer and business rights.

“These licensing processes will include the introduction of new licensing mechanisms that are designed to protect Australians’ rights,” the Minister said.

The ABC has obtained a draft copy of the legislation, which would see the sale commence on the day after July 31.

Ms Stultureszczks statement follows similar moves by New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia in recent years to introduce similar licensing schemes.

The Government has already announced that it will introduce a similar licensing scheme in the ACT, while the State Government is also planning to introduce a scheme to control the sale and distribution of counterfeit building material.

“Australia is a global leader in building materials, and building materials are of great value to our industry and our country,” she stated.

“Our Government will continue to work with the Australian building industry to develop a plan to protect the Australian public and to ensure Australia’s building materials remain the best in the world.”


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