Archaeology’s hidden treasures are waiting for you

The discovery of ancient gold in the desert of Western Australia has archaeologists hoping to turn the past into a new frontier in the search for buried treasure.

The discovery of the gold in May has the Queensland Government investing $500,000 to locate it and archaeologists are still trying to track down the source of the precious metal.

Key points:An archaeologist found a hoard of gold in a sand dune in the Western Australian desertInspector-General Peter Rizzo said he was shocked to find gold hidden beneath sand in the pastAn archaeology team has spent a month scouring the area and is working to locate the goldThe Queensland Government’s $500K archaeological project, known as the Gold Coast Treasure Hunter, is being funded by the Federal Government and is set to be completed by June.

The Gold Coast Archaeology and Heritage Project is an initiative to locate and recover artefacts and other valuable objects.

“The Gold Desert, like all sand dunes in Australia, is an excellent place to find buried treasures, which means there’s a lot of gold out there,” Inspector-General Rizzos said.

“It’s also a good location for gold to accumulate and to be processed.”

So it’s important to find these things and I think we’ve found a lot.

“A gold hoard discovered in the Gold Desert.

Archaeologist Richard Parnell is one of the archaeologists leading the Gold and Gold Sands Treasure Hunter project.”

We’re looking at the gold itself as a precious metal, which is why we’re taking a whole lot of time to track it down,” he said.

The treasure hunter is a five-month archaeological project which involves an estimated 50,000 sand dimes, the equivalent of more than 50 million Australian dollars.

Architects from the Goldsmiths, who are working with the Queensland Goldfields Heritage Trust, have spent months scouring an area called Gold Coast dunes.”

They’ve been looking around and we’re pretty sure it’s got some gold buried underneath it,” Inspector Parnells said.

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