Which state building materials can be used to build a new house?

The Australian Government is seeking public submissions on a proposal to require builders to use the materials to construct a new home, but critics say the proposal will be costly and won’t be widely adopted.

The proposed new requirements, announced in a submission to the National Housing and Planning Review, would apply to most of the Commonwealth’s housing stock, including existing homes.

A draft of the document, published on the Government’s website, says the use of materials should be limited to the use that meets the best environmental, social and economic considerations.

The government is calling for materials to be sourced locally, but some builders have expressed concerns that the Government is moving too quickly on this.

“There are a lot of problems with this proposal, and the Government needs to be a bit more deliberate with it, particularly if it’s going to be adopted nationally,” said Matt Leck, a builder and owner of Lighthouse Homes in Canberra.

“The Government is saying that these materials are already available.

They’re just not being used widely enough.”

A report commissioned by the Government in February found the Government had limited access to materials, and many of the materials in use were outdated or not up to scratch.

A total of 2,879 new houses are currently under construction in Australia, with only a small percentage of the buildings currently being built using locally sourced materials.

The report found the use and quality of materials used in new houses varied widely across Australia.

About one in four new dwellings is made of prefabricated homes, which are designed to be ready for construction within a few years, with a third using local materials.

Other prefab buildings in Australia use prefab-type buildings, such as the Hinge House in Sydney, which is prefabured and made from recycled materials.

“We have a huge amount of new housing built, and it’s not using any of these local materials,” said Leck.

“So you can only really really make sure that it’s using locally, because of that we’ve got to have a lot more of that in Australia.”

The Government says it is looking at the impact on new homes.

“In the longer term, we want to see how it impacts on existing homes,” said spokesperson for housing and infrastructure, Matt Lepp, in a statement.

“For now, we are only seeking public comments on this issue.”

Leck said the government’s proposal will have a large impact on existing and new homes, and he called on the Federal Government to implement the plan in its budget.

“You can only build so many houses and it will only increase the cost of building, so it’s just a waste of money and it doesn’t make sense,” he said.

“It’s like trying to build an ocean liner without using the best materials.”

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