What the data says about the construction of Trump Tower

The new data has been the subject of intense scrutiny because it comes from construction logs obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration, which are public records.

Trump’s lawyers have argued that they were obtained lawfully.

But the data shows a massive amount of material moved to and from Trump Tower between 2001 and 2010.

The documents show that the building’s concrete walls were being removed at a rate of about 1,500 per day.

There were also records that showed the construction workers were removing about 4,500 cubic yards of concrete per day from the building, which would be equivalent to removing a city block every three minutes.

And the amount of concrete that was being removed was just beginning to take shape.

The documents show, for example, that in April 2009, the concrete was being pumped up to the top of the building from the sidewalk below and then pumped back down to the sidewalk.

That would mean that the concrete needed to be removed every two weeks.

At the time, Trump was in a slump, and the company had just been fined $500,000 for violating federal labor law by employing illegal overtime hours.

The fines were paid by a company called KKR.KKR was in the process of building a new Trump Tower, but it was built as a parking garage.

By July 2010, the building was ready for occupancy.

At that time, the documents show a team of workers was pulling concrete blocks from the ground to place in concrete slabs, which were then rolled into the building.

This was to be used for the new elevator and to hold the building together.

As construction progressed, the contractors found themselves having to put up barriers to prevent workers from tearing down the concrete slats.

And while the slabs were being rolled, a worker was getting wet.

The contractors then discovered that a section of the concrete blocks had gotten wet from the weather, and they were pulling them off the concrete.

The contractor had to use a hand pump to wash off the water from the blocks.

In November 2010, workers began removing the slats from the exterior of the tower.

But by June 2011, the workers were pulling up concrete slat after slat, all the while working overtime.

When it was all over, the contractor had pulled up more than 9,000 feet of concrete.

But, the data also shows that, by June 2012, it had taken an estimated 2,500 concrete blocks.

The total cost of the project was $2.6 billion.

Trump has maintained that he paid $250 million for the project, which he called “an absolute bargain.”

The documents released Friday show that, during his tenure, Trump has had a $3 billion profit margin.

The data, however, show that his company had a loss of more than $1 billion, and it has a net loss of about $250.

In addition, the Trump Organization reported that the construction company did not receive the required permits for a major component of the new tower, which was the “dormitory,” which had to be built from scratch.

But because the company didn’t have the required permit for the dormitory, the project wasn’t approved.

The data also show that Trump spent more than a million dollars on consultants for the building construction, as well as for a consultant to conduct a “cost-benefit analysis” of the projects that were done to evaluate the economic benefits and costs of the construction.

In a statement, the New York City Department of Buildings said that it is committed to transparency and public access to building data.

The department did not comment on specific records that were being released.

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