What to do with your new plywood: Build it with a little care

By Sarah Kuta, National Geographic magazineThe plywood that was once a common building material for a new home in the U.S. has been turned into something new, and it’s a whole lot more durable than you might think.

A new study from researchers at MIT and the University of Wisconsin at Madison has found that the plywood used to construct buildings and homes can withstand a blast wave of 5,000 times the strength of the Manhattan skyline.

“We found that there was some protection for the building materials.

The higher you go in terms of strength, the more protection there is,” said Peter J. Lutz, a structural engineer and a professor of civil and environmental engineering at MIT.

“But there’s not as much protection for structures like the homes and offices that are exposed to high-energy impacts.”

In the study, researchers used 1,000 different plywood materials for their plywood construction projects.

The materials used varied widely, with the most common being birch plywood and oak plywood.

“There are some great examples of what you can do with plywood,” Lutz said.

“It’s one of the better materials.”

Lutz is not surprised by the findings.

He has studied plywood for more than 30 years and says he is not familiar with a single building material that is not vulnerable to high levels of heat and blast, like the wood from an oak tree.

“I am always surprised when I come across a product that I am using,” Luts said.

The research team used a machine to inspect the plywoods and then used the results to build an experiment to see how well the materials were protected.

The researchers found that when the ply is exposed to a high-intensity blast wave, the wood loses a significant amount of its strength.

In addition, the strength loss is not only temporary.

For example, the study found that a 1,500-pound blast wave in a 30-foot-tall house can cause the ply to lose up to 8,000 pounds of strength in just three seconds.

The plywood will lose more strength than an 18-story building, the researchers calculated.

The study also found that building materials that were used in a previous study, the American Association of State and County Fire Marshals’ study, could provide some protection, but the ply wood that was used in the new study has a much higher density of polyethylene.

“Plywood is the material that we have used in this study,” LUTS said.

Polyethylene is the highest-density polymer that is used in plywood, the report states.

“This means that the materials that we used were not necessarily the highest density, but they were the least dense, and that means the materials could absorb more energy,” Lutss said.

That is because the high density of the polyethylenes gives them a much longer lifespan than the more common plastics.

Plywoods are a great choice for buildings because they are strong and lightweight.

“You can put a bunch of plywood around a building and have it last forever,” Luttz said.

“It’s really a lot of things, but I think it’s most definitely a very good choice for homes, because it has such a high density,” Luth said.

The scientists found that plywood from the United States and Canada is also very durable.

They measured the strength and tensile strength of a 1-by-1 inch plywood board using a 3-D printer, and found that it can withstand an impact of 6,000 kilograms.

It is also able to withstand 5,800 kilotons of TNT, which is about 1,600 times the force of the blast wave that hit New York City.

“The strength of plywoods is such that they can withstand the blast, which in this case, is a 5,700-kiloton explosion,” LUTH said.

Pylwood has long been used as a building material in countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, but LUTSS said that the research findings are “a little surprising.”

He said that many of the materials used in construction are not used in U.K. or Dutch homes.

“The fact that plywoods are such a good choice in buildings is really a testament to their durability,” Lutter said.

In fact, it is likely that the use of ply wood in buildings and other buildings is more sustainable than the use, for example, of wood that is recycled, he said.

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