A $1 billion reclamation project for a former military bunker will get a boost from a few thousand new workers

An Arizona ranching company has announced plans to buy land in a former bunker site in the mountains of Southern California.

The project, dubbed the “Duck Pond Ranch” by the owners, has been in the works for about two years and will see about 200 construction workers, about 50 construction workers and an environmental consultant join with about 150 landscapers to create what the owners hope will be the world’s first reclaimed, green building materials factory.

The bunker is the site of a military training facility where the US Army’s Ranger School and other elite troops trained from 1947 to 1967.

The former building is located about 25 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix, near the border of the Maricopa and Sonora Counties.

The facility was originally built to house the Army’s Strategic Defense Intelligence Center, which was built in the same bunker.

The bunker was closed in the mid-1980s and never reopened as a training facility.

The plans call for a $1.5 billion project that will be built on reclaimed and composted bunker materials and other reclaimed materials that were once used for construction.

It will also involve about 100 workers, including construction workers who will be building structures for the reclamation, the owners said.

The building is expected to have a capacity of about 4,000 square feet and is expected be completed in 2019.

Construction on the site is expected start in 2020 and is being overseen by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

The company that owns the land, the River Ranch Ranch, said the bunker will also have a number of other uses, including a wildlife management center.

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