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AUSTRALIA’s construction industry is set to be hit by a wave of construction delays as the construction industry struggles to find its feet after a historic downturn in recent years.

Key points:Tindell Homes’ former home, the $600 million building, will be demolished in mid-2018The new building will be built in the new construction zone and be connected to Tindell TowersThe building, which is owned by the Australian Government, was designed by Dutch architect Tindells Architects for a total of $600mThe Tindels building material, known as “tindells” in the industry, was first designed by architect Tijs Tindel in the 1950s and is used in modern construction, but it has never been used in a major project.

The company’s chief executive Andrew Tindeller said construction companies were not seeing the benefits of Tindles building material and had been left struggling.

“In recent years, we have seen some construction firms come to us and say ‘I need to get these materials’,” Mr Tindelli said.

“We said, ‘no, you can’t get this material.

We’ve got to find a way of getting it to market and we’re not going to get it until you get this done’.”

We’re hoping that we can get that done now.

“The building’s demolition, scheduled for the end of the year, will not affect the company’s existing property and is scheduled to take place in early-2019.

Mr Tindelle said the company was still considering the timing of its demolition and was awaiting the results of its research.”

The first question is, ‘what’s going to happen in the first half of 2018?'” he said.

Mr Parnell said he believed the demolition would have a positive impact on the industry and that Tindella’s building materials would become more available to builders.”

I’m really confident that the new building material is going to be available for use by a lot of builders,” Mr Parnett said.

The building will have a total floor area of 1,400sq m, the same as the current tallest building in Sydney, the Sydney Opera House.

The project has been controversial since it was announced in October, when Mr Pournell told local media he was “sick and tired of this tinder box of a building”.

The building is also located at the corner of Bondi and Swanston Streets.”

If you think about what the future of the CBD is, what we want to see is a city where people can walk to work, shop, and play and live, so it’s very exciting,” Mr Trenell said.

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